Stray Animal Submission

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Rules and Regulations

ALB is an animal shelter where we keep rescued homeless stray cats/dogs until they get adopted. Only those who are in distress or danger are allowed BUT taking off a perfectly healthy and danger free cat/dog from street IS NOT RESCUE. They are absolutely okay and fit in the area where they were born, raised or migrated. Please don’t ask us to foster any completely healthy stray animal.

We will take in the animal for submission/medical facilities/fostering if the cat/dog is:

  1. Too young to survive without mother (infant state)
  2. Seriously injured/ suffered from accident
  3. Seriously beaten by people
  4. Suffered from serious illness ( we won’t be able to keep the animal if with any contagious sickness which can affect other shelter animals)
  5. Starving to death ( we recommend to arrange a community bases food providing )

***In case of serious critical conditions like injury, sickness, accident etc you have to check the animal with the veterinary doctors before submitting in shelter and need to provide medical resources with the animal. We will give medical facilities and foster them unless they recover.

***After getting back to health you have to relocate the animal back to their previous place from shelter (must for adult dogs). If there is any danger which may occur again you need to take precaution accordingly before relocating the animal.

***For stray infant animals please provide feeder, milk and wet tissue with them. They will be given up for adoption in appropriate age. If they don’t get adopted then you have to pay for his/her vaccination (at 3 months old) and sterilization in case of male (at 6 months old).

***For adult animal we strongly recommend to vaccine him/her before submitting. And after recovery, sterilizing adult animals is strongly recommended before releasing from shelter.

Again, we will not take every cat/dog people bring in name of rescue that is perfectly healthy. Please follow the criteria before bringing any animal to us as we don’t have unlimited space to keep all of them. Thank you!

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    If NO: You have to give vaccine and sterilization cost (in case of male) in appropriate time, if not gets adopted by then.