Pumpkin (picchi)

One night, someone threw Picchi over our shelter boundary and she fell right in the pond thankfully. otherwise she could have crushed on ground. and before throwing that “human” put a stick inside her anal. we heard a sound and rescued her from the pond. she was cold, shaking and we somehow managed to pull out that long stick. she did not eat that night and we were scared that she will not survive. but thank God she did. she is growing everyday and we could not find any good home for her, maybe for her ordinary local look! though we found her extremely sweet and we kept her. she is the naughtiest member of our shelter. we named her Pumpkin as suggested by our friend Saria, but as she is the youngest in her pack so everyone calls her Picchi! she got her best friend in Achilies! they always play together.

Gender: Female.

Age: 4 months.

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