Fostering a Dog

Rules and Regulations

1. Your Dog has to be vaccinated. If your pet is not vaccinated there is always a risk of getting viral diseases. ALB will not take any responsibility if the unvaccinated dog gets affected with viral disease while staying in shelter.
2. Adult male dog have to be sterilised.

Paying system

* If you bring food with your pet: per day charge is 150 BDT.
* If we give food from shelter: per day charge is 200 BDT

* For sick dog medical resources have to be provided with your pet

    Pet Information






    (If you use litter then you have to provide it with your pet)

    Owner Information

    Any unusual habit we should know about

    Special Note

    # Read before submit:
    If the pet owner does not pay properly for 2 months / does not take the pet back in due time and does not contact us according to this subject matter, ALB will have full responsibility over this pet. The pet can be given up for adoption or can be sent to owner’s given address as well.