TSC Vaccination and Awareness Event.

We ALB group, along with ARK and PTD groups did a vaccination event in TSC park. we vaccinated 10 dogs and talked with local shopkeepers regarding dog abusing. we heard earlier local shopkeepers are abusing and beating dogs there and we also found one limping dog and one pup with injury on skull. after much Read More

Donors of May!

We are really really glad to present our donors of May Month, Laila and Tamanna. both of these beautiful ladies donated food online to our shelter that saved us cost and our cats got to relish extra foods. Laila is a singer and Tamanna is an artist. Their works are beautiful just like their deeds. Read More

Tui & Pui

We rescued the mom cat when she was pregnant and somehow she ended up inside our shelter boundary. she was scared chased by dogs. we gave her shelter and Tui and Pui were born. after the siblings started eating solid we spayed the mom and released her in her area. she was a local cat. Read More


We found Gunda by road-side in badly injured condition. he was suffering from fever and could not move. we took her to vet and after multiple stitches and medicines he recovered. he was old when we got him. he already lost several teeth. we neutered him, vaccinated him and took him in. still he lived Read More


We rescued Bulty from street. someone hit on her head so hard that her neck’s  nerve system got damaged. she could not look straight, could not keep her neck firm and her forehead got deep injury. her eyes got affected too. she looked so skinny and deformed. We took her to vet and the vet Read More


Alladi was living in a tiny cage for months. She used to eat and toilet in same cage. The owner wouldn’t let her out. the cage often left dirty. it was unhealthy and unethical at same time. We got informed about that. after getting rescued by an animal lover named Edaf Kabir, another animal activist Meela Read More


We got Shada before we started our shelter. Someone threw Shada into our home boundary and we heard his light screaming. she was so tiny we thought it’s a bird but we found him instead. when he was 4 years old we started our shelter and did not think ever to give him up for Read More