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    Do you have any other pets in your household?

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    Do you have the consent of your landlord / Family of keeping pets?

    In case of cat, is your house cat proofed (netting on window and balcony)?

    Does any member of your household have physical illness (asthma, allergy etc) that can be affected by cat/dog?

    What will you do with the pet if you have any plan to go abroad in future?

    Where will your pet stay?

    What will you do when your pet gets in heat?


    1. Please have proper arrangement for your pet’s Food bowls/ Litter box/ Beddings before adopting.
    2. You should vaccinate your pet in time. (Every year, starts at 3 months age)
    3. You should sterilize your pet in time to avoid breeding / spraying/ aggressive behavior. (Starts at 6 months, weight 3kg)
    4. You have to de-worm and de-flea your cat regularly. (Every 2 months)
    5. You have to see / consult a vet if your pet is ill.
    6. You have to give few update and photo of the cat in our group *Animal Lovers of Bangladesh or to the respective owner after adopting.
    7. If you do not want to keep your cat/dog anymore then you have to contact the respective owner/ us 2 weeks before and we will try to arrange another adoption home. In any circumstances you cannot leave the pet on street or give to other person without informing us.

    For emergency contact our sister concern group: Paw Transportation ( / Arman Hossen: 01681424756 / Redwanul hawue Apon: 01521109982

    8. If any accident happens while in your house please do let us know as soon as possible.

    I’m agreeing to all suggestions given above