Mission and Vision


Animal Lovers of Bangladesh is determine to work for stray animals in Bangladesh. We are aimed to built a volunteer chain in Bangladesh with people who are concern about nature and animals, Rescue and Foster sick stray animals, Shelter nature abandon animals and Give Away** cured & healthy animals. Also ALB Wills to educate pet owners about urgent veterinary help,vaccinations and sterilizations.

Give Away(animals)** in ALB terms of being able to have pets.


Abused stray animals will be taken to shelter and be given proper treatment by certified vets. Shelter will keep injured animals until they get well, then the animal may given up for adoption or may returned to their previous place, especially for grown animals.

This Shelter will create volunteer groups who will educate people (especially children) place to place about animal rights and animal welfare and also rescue them from trouble if anyone informs.

Important : Research shows that those children that abuse animals will become anti-social and harmful for human too while grown up. So this education will help to educate children about peace, keeping harmony in society as well as between human and animals.

Certified vets from the Shelter will give free treatment, vaccine and sterilization to stray animals.