About Us


ALB animal shelter was created mainly for the stray animals of Bangladesh. we rescue, foster and give them up for adoption. we try to educate pet owners about urgent veterinary help, vaccinations and sterilizations. we use our ALB group as a platform for helping and saving animals. Its located in Narayanganj, Bangladesh.


The sole purpose of the ALB group is to help with such cases:

  1. Help dogs /cats with sterilization / fostering /adoption / vaccination.
  2. Giving general idea about medical support and veterinary help.
  3. Helping homeless / sick animals finding fostering / adoption homes and getting treatment.

*In ALB group you will find homeless animals who are up for adoption. Being a member of the group you can admit your own post of adoption.

*our general purpose is to spay/neuter/vaccinate (if it is right age) the animal because we strongly believe in controlling amount of *homeless* animals from street to save them from suffering and death according to their present condition and situation in Bangladesh.

*we work against animal abusing.

*Being our member you can ask for advises about your pets, ask for monetary help if you find a STRAY animal in URGENT NEEDS OF VETERINARY HELP or SHELTERING (we have some rules for it). you will find VETERINARY DOCTORS LIST here. you will have an place to share your own experience in veterinary treatment of pets, funny stories and of course the pics of pretty 4 paws members of your family.

*** our work is based on volunteer service and we don’t pay our volunteers/Rescuers. Donation or sponsorship is a deal of free will. We report for each TAKA spend on treatment of our animals individually to the donor.


  1. Languages used to communicate are English and Bengali so that everyone understands.
  2. We don’t place the announcements of purchase or sale of animals or birds or fish. we don’t support this.
  3. We bear full responsibility of any information of an animal which we place in our shelter.

***The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its’ animals are treated. Mahatma Gandhi’s words are our motto.

We believe, together we can do a lot for animal welfare. We pledge to help animals in need with our free will without expecting any benefits out of it. If you share our views, want to be part of our ALB team by reading the given info above, you are most welcome to join us.

Project Proposal:

Project Details:

Project Name: ALB animal shelter

Project Head: Dipanwita Ridi

Projected start date: January 2014

Projected Completion: none

Project Description:

ALB is the 1st animal shelter in Bangladesh. It is a non-profit charity based organization- based on donations and sponsorship. None of our officials and volunteers will get paid any wages or compensations for the services they provide. This is a 100% volunteer based activity. ALB has plans to open branches in other districts in future as well. Our mission is to help local stray animals in need and build a helpful community by removing people’s superstations and misconception towards animals.

Project Objectives:

1. To rescue Abused/injured stray animals that are in need of medical attention and give them proper treatment by qualified vets. Shelter will keep injured animals until they get well, then the animal may given up for adoption or may returned to their previous place, especially for grown animals (after getting sterilized and vaccinated).

2. To create volunteer groups who will educate people (especially children) about animal rights and animal welfare. To encourage people to help animals and promote social awareness.

***Importance: Research shows those children abuse animals will become anti-social and harmful for human too while grown up. This education will help to educate children about peace, keeping harmony between human and animals.

3. To rescue animals from trouble if ALB got informed. Any type of medical attention for stray animals.

Medical attentions:

  1. General Medicines
  2. Every Year Vaccination
  3. Sterilization
  4. De-worming
  5. De-Flea

Consulting vet: Dr. Siamak, Dr. Motahar Hossain, Dr. Ajmat Ali, Care for Paws clinic, Dr. Saiful Islam.


Currently, there is no other Animal Shelter in Bangladesh to aid animals in problem. Street animals are being abused daily by general people. Stray dogs and cats are beaten, killed, poisoned and kicked for fun. People cut their tail, throw hot water & stone at them. Animal abuse relates to children mostly and their minds get affected psychologically by this.

Street animal abuse is increasing day by day and it needs more attention from us. In other developed countries there are many Animal shelters to help stray local animals of street. Animals don’t deserve to be treated like this as it is a question of humanity. This Animal shelter will help to protect local animals and will ensure their rights and welfare.

Shelter Location (Main Branch):

House: 14, Block: B, Road: 2, Village: Mamudpur (North Side), Thana: Fatullah, Narayanganj- 1421.