Donate now to help homeless stray animals of shelter. your small contribution will make big changes in their lives. help to feed them better, keep them cleaner and healthier. If you can not join us physically in volunteer work or if you can not keep any pet in home for problems, still you can stay with us through donating to shelter.

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Adopt a family member from our shelter. these stray animals need a forever home full of love and care which you can give. if you don’t adopt, we can not take in new helpless animals in shelter. Do not buy, do not contribute in business people do with animals. please adopt, save a life. they deserve better home than street.

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Be an ALB volunteer. our shelter runs on charity and we do not pay to our volunteers. but we badly need people who want to work for animal welfare selflessly without any profit. we are looking for all of your help and support in this journey. fill up our volunteer form and stay with us.

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Are you looking for a new companion?

  • Piku

    Piku was someone’s pet. she was sent to our shelter for fostering and the owner didn’t take her back afterwards. she is a very unfortunate cat. she isn’t friendly with other cats much but very fond of humans. she got grumpy recently as she doesn’t get that alone attention and care in here which she Read More

  • Flora

    Flora got pregnant in very young age as she was a stray cat. she was merely 6 months old then, and sent to our shelter with her kittens. her kittens got adopted afterwards but she stayed. she needs a good home where she will get all the love and care that she deserves. she got Read More

  • Pony and Remo (the brothers)

    These 2 brothers are up for urgent adoption. They had owner who left them on street. Someone rescued them and brought them to shelter. They are not friendly with other cats and always stay together. Is there any kind person who can give them a forever home? They can be adopted separately too. *Pony, white Read More

  • Kiki

    Kiki got rescued when he was little. the rescuer kept him for 2 years, neutered and vaccinated him. she wanted to keep Kiki but in the mean time she rescued other male cats. Kiki is territorial in nature and don’t accept other male cats. so now he needs a home where he can live as Read More

Recent News

TSC Vaccination and Awareness Event. June 22nd, 2017

We ALB group, along with ARK and PTD groups did a vaccination event in TSC park. we vaccinated 10 dogs and talked with local shopkeepers regarding dog abusing. we heard earlier local shopkeepers are abusing and beating dogs there and we also found one limping dog and one pup with injury on skull. after much Read More